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Their short documentary Colette won an Oscar

Medal of Honor Wins Academy Award

Respawn won an Academy Award for Colette
Respawn became the first video game studio to win an Academy Award. (Credit: Respawn Entertainment)

The 93rd Academy Awards marked a historical moment for video games. Respawn Entertainment became the first video game studio to be awarded an Oscar for their work on the short movie Colette. Medal of Honor has returned stronger than anyone could have imagined!

As someone who doesn't follow the Oscars very closely, I was pleasantly surprised to see Sir Anthony Hopkins teaching these young bloods how it's done and receiving the Best Actor award. However, as a gamer, Medal of Honor essentially winning an Oscar was right up there on the emotional scale.

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Why did Medal of Honor Win an Oscar for Colette?

Respawn, the developers of Medal of Honor, teamed up with Oculus for the VR project Above and Beyond. Colette follows former French Resistance member Colette Marin-Catherine as she travels to Germany for the first time in 74 years.

That's right. A video game studio was credited for a film that won an Oscar. We've come a long way, fellow gamers! The production that did the trick is the short film Colette, which was included as part of the last Medal of Honor video game: Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond.

The Respawn team was over the moon after the announcement of their win, as they well should be:

This is as solid an argument as there can be that modern video games are becoming more and more like interactive movies than anything else. We personally have no issue with that direction at all.

Congratulations, Respawn Entertainment and Medal of Honor! Congratulations, Colette!

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