Marvel Eternals Director Works On New Star Wars Movie

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Marvel mastermind Kevin Feige has chosen a director for his Star Wars film. Marvel fans are already familiar with her work.

As Mace Windu once said so beautifully, "I sense a plot to destroy Star Wars." That's how I feel when people talk about Kevin Feige and his own Star Wars film. Marvel may have a beautiful universe with great superheroes... But I miss a storyline that fascinates me. And that's my problem with Feige. We all know what can happen when a Star Wars trilogy doesn't have a good plot... You could see that in the last three episodes very nicely.

So far, little was known about Feige's project. No release, no cast - nothing at all. Now the producer has obviously decided to direct his project: Chloé Zhao. And that doesn't calm me down a bit.

Chloé Zhao Directs New Star Wars Movie

Anyone who is familiar with the Marvel Universe probably already knows Zhao. The Chinese director had quite some impact on Marvel's Eternals. So if you are looking forward to the comeback of worn-out and boring actors, you will surely make friends with Chloé Zhao! Or as Kit Harrington would say, "She is my queen."

But Zhao's announcement definitely has one advantage. After the postponement of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron to 2024, Feige's film could probably hit cinemas already in 2023. According to a tweet from Big Screen Leaks, this is very realistic if everything is cleared up soon:

Even if Eternals caused a lot of discussion in the community, Kevin Feige's decision could also bring something good with it. Over the past few years, Chloé Zhao has repeatedly confirmed that she would like to make a film in the beautiful universe of George Lucas. So maybe she has just the right passion for it. Especially with episode 9 you had the feeling that the directors didn't feel the Star Wars vibe anymore. "Palpatine did return... somehow." Best plot ever.

Fortunately, we don't have to wait until 2023, we will get the next Star Wars highlight with The Book of Boba Fett at the end of December. And for all Star Wars Lore fans... With Star Wars: The Acolyte, a very interesting project should be at the top of Disney's priority list. The series is supposed to take place around 200 years before Episode I and is about the time of the High Republic – sounds better than any film release for the next few years.