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The power of raising children

Luke Skywalker Approves of Real-Life Jedi Dad

Jedi Dad
Jedi Dad is real! (©

You know you've succeeded as a father when Luke Skywalker himself approves of your parenting. Actor Mark Hamill, who plays Luke in the Star Wars movies, had a few chosen words of encouragement for "Jedi Dad" and his methods.

We just love wholesome videos on the internet. They're just so... wholesome, ya know? It's especially warming when one of those hits the big time and becomes viral. We have one better: Luke Skywalker himself noticed one such video and made sure everyone and their mama would see it.

The Force Works for Jedi Dad, Luke Skywalker Approves

Mark Hamill fully embraces his role as Luke Skywalker and its significance. That of course includes daily activity on social media. You may think the 69-year-old actor wouldn't be much into posting tweets, but you would be wrong. He doesn't just post, he's good at it!

One of Hamill's most recent tweets is sharing a video on which he was tagged. The video is of a dad playing with his child by acting as if he's using the Force to move objects. As we said: as wholesome as they come.

Hamill, a father of three, could not let something like this rot in his tags, so he decided to share and leave a positive comment about this proud father's Jedi powers.

We agree with everything Mr. Hamill said: this is how you should parent, and yes, all of us are Jedi behind closed doors. We can also add that this is the type of Twitter content we want to see, instead of basically everything else that's on there.

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