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Or how a pretty tame comment turned into a clash of fanbases

Ludwig vs. Adin Ross Drama Explained

Ludwig vs. Adin Ross Beef
The beef between Ludwig and Adin Ross was shortlived. (Credit: Ludwig/Adin Ross)

The last 24 hours have seen an escalation of animosity between two popular Twitch streamers. What's behind the Ludwig vs. Adin Ross drama? We'll go over the timeline.

Adin Ross and Ludwig Ahgren are both very popular on Twitch, yet they have a very different audience. A comment that highlighted that fact has unexpectedly turned into a public beef between the two streamers and their fanbases.

What Caused the Ludwig vs. Adin Ross Drama?

Ludwig and other friends said some things about Adin Ross that the latter didn't like. Ludwig, Sodapoppin and Nmplol brought up Ross during a stream. The discussion circled around "where the f*ck did he come from" and despite nothing outright offensive being said, it was enough to make the subject of the conversation mad.

Curiously, Ludwig got the majority of the heat even though he was probably the most tame out of anyone on the stream.

The quotes that got Ludwig in trouble with Adin Ross are this answer to the "where" question:

He has a bunch of connections in the LA scene, and he hits a viewer base that me and you will never hit. Our viewer bases are very different, but they’re still closer together than Adin Ross’ viewers and our viewers.

And then some positive (!?) comments:

He does a good job at bringing in successful rappers. The only thing I don't get is that he'll do these streams that are really big and bring in a rapper or a girl, but then he would do a stream where he plays Roblox horror games. This seems weird.

We're not really sure which part exactly got Adin Ross barking, but he did, and it all spiraled out of control in a minute.

Adin Ross Responds, Ludwig Responds, Everyone Responds

We'll spare the dramatic prelude to what happened next and simply state that Adin Ross laid his eyes on that stream and had some words of his own:

Don’t disrespect my viewers like that. You guys literally have f**king hall of fame nerds in your chat that spam Poggers and Omegalul the entire stream.

If you wonder what the hell is he talking about here, Ludwig never said anything about Adin Ross' viewers, here's your answer: he responded to what Sodapoppin and Nmplol had said, not Ludwig. As a whole, Ross called everyone on that now notorious stream “unfunny streamers”, adding that only “fat, pimple-faced four-eyed people with social problems” watched them.

So, how did this become Adin Ross vs. Ludwig specifically? It's very ironic actually. See, Ludwig Ahgren attempted to apologize personally for what he thought was a misunderstanding. Adin didn't see it that way and leaked the personal messages he'd received with more condescending comments.

QTCinderella - Ludwig's girlfriend, and people not even involved in all this laid an opinion, mostly condemning Ross for his needlessly aggressive behavior.

FaZe Banks Helps Settle the Beef

It all started in a blink of an eye, and it ended almost as fast. All it took was a call with the two sides and FaZe Banks acting as mediator.

The silver lining is that it all stopped in time, so we were able to avoid the ugly sight of fanbases going to sh*t on a rival streamer's content.

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