Ludwig's Twitch Subathon Shut Down! | EarlyGame
It's over. Or is it?

Ludwig's Twitch Subathon Shut Down!

Ludwig's Twitch Subathon stream over
Live footage of Ludwig's stream viewers when it disconnected. (Credit: Ludwig via Twitch)

Ludwig Ahgren, or simply Ludwig, is a Twitch streamer that's gained massive popularity over recent weeks thanks to his ambitious Twitch stream marathon project. What has been given the nickname Subathon has been going on for nearly a month, but it hit a rock last night. Is the Subathon over?

We've kept track of Ludwig's Subathon since the very beginning. The latest development was almost a downer end to the never-ending stream as it suddenly stopped!

What Is the Subathon?

It's Twitch streamer Ludwig's ongoing live stream. The American promised he'll continue streaming as long as he's receiving subs on his channel. He himself has admitted that he did not expect to have the success he's had with this project and even started banning folks who give him too much money.

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Is the Subathon Over?

For a brief moment, it was. Ludwig's girlfriend accidentally pulled the plug while her boy was asleep and threw everyone watching on a rollercoaster. Is this it? Is it over?

No. As we said, it turned out to be a freak accident. Shortly afterwards, Ludwig's room was back on air. False alarm, everybody!

However, this little incident could be used to deny Ludwig's claim to glory as technically speaking, the stream did stop prematurely, whether it was intended or not.

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