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Ludwig has had enough!

Ludwig Is Banning People That Give Him Too Much Money

Ludwig is banning donators
Ludwig has resorted to banning his own donators. (Credit: Ludwig via Twitch)

Ludwig's sub marathon on Twitch has been going on for more than eleven days and there's no stopping it. Thing is, he wants to stop it and has now resorted to banning people who are donating money to his stream. Crazy, right?

We've already told you about Ludwig's sub marathon on Twitch that made him the most subscribed streamer on the entire platform. As long as people keep donating new subs, his stream will continue.

Some people seem to have gone a bit overboard with the donations. They don't want Ludwig to ever get out of this one! To deal with the issue, Ludwig has instructed his mods to ban people who donate too much.

Why Does Ludwig Ban People Who Donate?

Ludwig just wants to stop streaming again. Things are getting tight for him because viewers just won't stop donating to his stream. One particularly crazy, or generous fan, depending on how you look at it, has donated 7,000 subscriptions to Ludwig. That's $35,000!

Ludwig has now given his mods the task of banning anyone who donates more than 100 subs. That is the absolute pain threshold for him. At some point, the stream has to end, otherwise he will never be able to sleep peacefully and unobserved again!

You might say that he brought it upon himself and... you'd be right! But even Ludwig himself could not have imagined just how successful the sub marathon would become. Shades of regret?

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Original article by EarlyGame's Laura Pippig.