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The subathon is over

Ludwig Sets New Twitch Subs Record

Ludwig Holds Twitch Stream Record
The very moment Ludwig matched Ninja's Twitch subs record. (Credit: Ludwig)

The end of the subathon is official. Yesterday, at 9pm PST, Ludwig Ahgren put a break on his month-long stream. Along the way he set a new all-time Twitch subs record, dethroning Tyler "Ninja" Blevins.

The subathon began exactly a month ago and for a while, we did not know how long it was going to last. Well, now we know, because the subathon is over. Ludwig is free! Before he switched the camera off for the first time in a month, the California-based streamer added his name to the Twitch record book.

Is Ludwig's Subathon Over?

Yes. As we already revealed yesterday, Ludwig's subathon had a set finish line - April 13, 9pm PST. The streamer didn't have much of a choice there, as Twitch regulations do not allow for streams to run longer than 31 days.

Ludwig went out in a good way: he promised to donate $5 for every sub he gets on the final day of the subathon. People noticed that little bit and flocked to become a sub yesterday, which resulted in a new Twitch record.

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Ludwig Breaks Ninja's Twitch Subs Record

Ludwig's final day initiative brought him a ton of new subs. Enough to make him the most subscribed to Twitch channel ever. The previous record was held by Ninja at 269,154 and up until the final couple of days, it was not certain whether it will be broken or not.

That final day pushed Ludwig's numbers way above that mark, however, and he reached an astounding 282,847 active subs count. Ninja, though, admitting the grain of salt that came with it, congratulated the new record-holder.

Can this new mark ever be broken again? Probably. We didn't expect Ninja's record to fall anytime soon and yet here we are. Perhaps all it takes is the removal of the stream cap. Can a year-long non-stop broadcast get 283,000 subscribers? Yes it can.

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