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We're counting the final hours

When Does Ludwig's Subathon End?

Ludwig's subathon is coming to an end
Ludwig has announced when the subathon will cease. (Credit: Ludwig)

Ludwig Ahgren has been circulating in streaming news for exactly one month now. That's because his stream doesn't end! Well, it will, and soon, at that. When exactly does Ludwig's subathon come to its natural conclusion? Here's when!

Ludwig has kept his stream going for a while, but about a week ago, he revealed when exactly it is going to end.

When Does the Subathon End?

Ludwig revealed that his ongoing subathon will come to its conclusion after it has run for 31 days. As he began streaming on March 14, that sets today as the day it all goes to sleep. The exact times of the subathon's final moments are:

  • 9pm PDT
  • 12pm EDT
  • 5am BST (April 14)
  • 12am CST (April 14)
  • 1pm JST (April 14)
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What Has Ludwig Prepared for the Final Day of the Subathon?

Ludwig will not go out quietly. The Twitch streamer has gained so much from the subathon that he felt like giving something back is a must. That's why he will donate $5 to charity for every single subscriber he gets on the final day.

Can this initiative push him to break Tyler "Ninja" Blevins' all-time Twitch sub record? There is a huge possibility, considering he is just over 10,000 subs away from the 269,154 Ninja got back in 2018. Ludwig currently stands at 257,000 and with the knowledge that every sub will result in charity, the number 12,000 doesn't seem to be unreachable for Ahgren.

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