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The subathon is still going strong

Can Ludwig Break Ninja's Twitch Subs Record?

Ludwig breaking the Ninja Twitch subs record
Ludwig is eyeing Ninja's Twitch subs record. (Credit: Ludwig via Twitch)

Ludwig Ahgren and his Twitch subathon are on record-breaking pace. Can Ludwig actually break the record for most active Twitch subs? A record held by Ninja so comfortably, no one really thought it can ever be approached? Well, it might finally happen. 

Ludwig has been the most consistent presence in the Twitch news stream in the last few weeks and there's good explanation for that: his subathon just never ends! It will end soon though, but will it last long enough to set a new subs record?

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Can Ludwig Beat Ninja's Twitch Subs Record?

Let's present the numbers first. The current record mark for active subs on Twitch was registered in April 2018 by Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, and it stands at 269,154. That was more than twice of what any other streamer had amassed, until Ludwig's subathon began

Since Ludwig's never ending stream began on March 14, more and more people have subscribed to his channel to prolong it - that's basically the whole concept of the stream. Naturally, when you're aiming to get subscriptions, and you've done your marketing right, you're going to get subscriptions.

Ludwig is closing in on Ninja
Ludwig is over 225,000 right now, but he may come short of Ninja's record. (Credit: Twitch Tracker)

At this moment, Ludwig has already broken the 225,000 subscribers mark. So close, yet so far. Why? Because the subathon stream is supposedly going to end on April 13 - the 31st day of its existence. As much as we love beholding new records being set, we simply cannot envision more than 40,000 subs coming in the span of a couple of days.

Sorry, Mr. Ahgren, but Ninja is keeping this one!

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