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He met Joe Rogan!

Ludwig Banned from Instagram Because of a D*ck Joke

Ludwig banned from Instagram
Ludwig's joke got him banned from Instagram. (Credit: Ludwig)

Twitch active subs record holder Ludwig Ahgren found out that other platforms can be just as cloudy with their ban decisions. Ludwig was banned from Instagram for a week. Why? He posted a joke. A serious crime!

Ludwig may be roaming free on Twitch, where he holds a record or two, but he's not having it as easy on other platforms. He won't be having it easy or difficult on Instagram for the next seven days after the site handed him a ban.

Ludwig Banned from Instagram for "Joe Rogan" Photo

Ludwig attended the Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight in person. Like many (all) internet personalities that were near the boxing ring on Sunday, the Twitch streamer wanted to let his fans in on the atmosphere by posting something from the event.

He chose to share a photo of himself and friend Slime from the boxing ring. The caption was "Met Joe Rogan at the fight". However, that's not what got Ludwig in trouble with the Instagram law. You can see the same picture on Twitter and make your own guess at why a ban might follow it.

While kind of tasteless, the pic is obviously a joke and obviously doesn't show anything explicit. On a platform mostly used for photo sessions in barely existing clothing, a hand in your pants and a finger seems too mild to deserve a ban. Not according to Instagram though, apparently.

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