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The community wasn't pleased

Logan Paul Wore $500k Charizard at Mayweather Fight


Logan Paul Charizard Pokemon Card
Logan Paul actually wore a Charizard to the Mayweather fight. (Credit: Logan Paul via YouTube)

Logan Paul wore a rare shiny Charizard Pokémon card as a necklace during his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather. While it was a nice change to the usual diamond necklaces and expensive jewelery other fighters show off, the Pokémon community wasn't amused at all.

The long awaited match between Floyd Mayweather and YouTuber turned boxer Logan Paul is over. There was no winner declared since Paul actually managed to figth through all eight rounds and neither of the two fighters got knocked out. There are already rumours about a rematch though:

What is so special about Logan Paul's Charizard Necklace?

The shiny Charizard Pokémon Card is a first-edition, gem mint 10-graded Charizard and is worth up to $500k. Logan Paul bought the card in 2020 for $150k and claims it to be one of only three in the world. Knowing the value of that card, wearing it as jewelery doesn't seem so strange anymore. Here is a video of him entering the ring and showing off the shiny Charizard necklace:

Why is the Pokémon Community outraged?

Since prices for the Pokémon Trading Cards have skyrocketed in 2020, fans are worried about scalpers taking advantage of the situation. A lot of fans weren't able to buy new products as scalpers are buying new cards in bulk to cash in on the new phenomenon. Much like what is happening with the next gen consoles or graphics cards right now. The Pokémon community is blaming YouTubers like Logan Paul, who kickstarted the trend, when he recommended investing in Pokémon cards like in stocks.

No surprise people weren't amused when the YouTuber showed off the Charizard necklace during a huge event like the Mayweather fight. In the comments on Twitter users wrote: "It's Logan Paul's fault Pokémon cards have been getting scalped recently." and "Well there goes the chance of me getting a single pack in 6+ more months.".

Even though Logan Paul is a real Pokémon fan, many fans criticize his focus on only the value of the cards, and fear that prizes will go up even more, after the Charizard necklace was shown at this public event. Let's hope that this fear will not come true...

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