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One Piece Episode 1: Romance Dawn

Netflix Is Working on Live-Action One Piece: Episode 1 Title Revealed

One Piece Live Action Netflix show episode 1 romance dawn revealed
This is only everything I've been waiting for since 1996. No big deal. | © Anthony Lacroix, Shueisha,Mehdi Rahif

Netflix is working on a live-action One Piece series and now the title of the first episode was revealed, as a picture of the screenplay got released.

Ok, first of all: I didn't know that a live-action One Piece is in the making, and it's kind of my job to know these things, so three things come to mind: How the F did I not know about this? Holy sh*t! Did you guys know?

This is absolutely huge, as in: Huge news and also... how huge will this show be? Like 500 episodes? You know One Piece has been running since the 90s and is on episode 981 right now, right? You are aware of that, right, Netflix? 

Also, you guys are f***ing gods for doing this. Live-Action One Piece? Let's go!

Netflix Live-Action One Piece Episode 1: Romance Dawn

Anyone that read One Piece won't be surprised. Romance Dawn is where it all starts – the first arc of the anime. Originally, Romance Dawn was a one-shot manga that was never intended to be turned into the behemoth it is now. Whether Netflix will straight up adopt the anime or is just paying homage with the title is unknown.

If you're somehow not familiar with One Piece, here's the most basic of rundowns: Monkey D. Luffy dreams of being a pirate and finding the treasure left behind by pirate king Gol D. Roger. In order to do that, he eats the Gomu Gomu no Mi Devil Fruit and assembles a crew of badasses. From then on... it's on. The thing about One Piece though is that the whole thing can, at times, feel like an LSD trip. How are they going to turn all the quirkiness into live-action? I honestly have no idea. Arguably though, the first arcs are much more down to earth and I hardly imagine Netflix running this live-action show up into the most up-to-date arcs, or we will, quite literally, still be talking about this series 20 years from now. I can easily see them end it before Thriller Bark – maybe after Sky Island even – before things start to get really over-the-top.

Other than the title, everything about the live-action One Piece show is unknown: Netflix has not given us a release date or a hint at when the show will even go into production – a finished script can still be a long way off from the first camera rolling. As of now, we also don't have a cast, nor really anything else to give us a clue what to expect. Notable are the writers of the screenplay though: Matt Owens and Steven Maeda: Matt Owens is responsible for Luke Cage and Agents of Shield, while Steven Maeda was a writer and executive producer for Lost. Is this good or bad news? I'm not sure... Lost of course was great for a time, but Luke Cage and Agents of Shield are pretty... vanilla. Still, it doesn't necessarily mean that we'll have a live-action One Piece disaster on our hands and with the way Netflix adapted The Witcher, they definitely deserve the benefit of the doubt.

Netflix arguably has the biggest anime and manga license ever on their hands now, and if that's not pressure enough: They're also working on a live-action Cowboy Bebop... arguably one of the most beloved retro animes in existence.

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