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LIRIK’s idea for an ad only channel

LIRIK Wants a Twitch Charity Channel for Big Streamers Only

LIRIK Twitch
LIRIK has a sweet idea and it's for a good cause! (Credit: LIRIK/Twitch)

LIRIK took to Twitter and shot off a killer idea for Twitch. So what exactly is this killer app? It's an idea for a new channel only big-name streamers can host after they end their stream. Now before you react or have a hot take let’s hear the man out.

LIRIK wants this new Twitch channel to be a tool to raise money for charity. "Big streamers” on Twitch can host this channel after a stream and the viewers will then watch ads. All revenue generated by this channel will go to charity, not in Twitch's pockets.

A bold idea, but will it fly or fall on dead ears? It’s hard to say because no one likes watching ads, am I right or am I right? However, everyone loves donating to charity, which is also a true statement. So it's hard to disagree with the idea but will it actually work if implemented?

It's then no surprise that many people on Twitter and in the Twitch community showed support for his idea or at least some interest in it. But LIRIK good sir, we require more details on your great idea! Help us understand it more! So a follow-up tweet was inevitable, and LIRIK did not disappoint.

Soon after his tweet, reinforcements arrived in the form of CarlosR ocelote (Owner of G2 Esports) and Broman (Destiny 2 Streamer) who expressed a fondness for the idea in separate tweets.

So What Is LIRIK’s Idea at its Core?

It's a channel to host at the end of a stream that directly supports charities. If you drop the 'big steamers only' part of the idea, then it sounds much better and far less elitist. After all, does it really matter how many viewers you have? If it's a simple matter of host here for a good cause, it's all the same, be it a streamer with 10 or 100k viewers all adding to one big charity channel.

What do you think? Hard pass or solid idea? Would you stick around after a stream and watch ads for charity? Let us know on the EarlyGame Twitter or our shiny new Discord server!

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