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Are you surprised though?

Lil Nas X Releases a Twerking Game

Lil Nas X Releases a Twerking Game
And you thought browser games were dead. (Credit: Lil Nas X)

American rapper Montero Lamar Hill better known by his stage name Lil Nas X released a browser-based game dedicated to his latest single. It's called Twerk Hero, and it's all about...twerking.

For some of us, Lil Nas X became famous for his collaboration with Billy Ray Cyrus (Miley Cyrus' dad) and their Old Town Road, which gained worldwide fame. Most recently Lil Nas X released a single called Montero and the video clip was... well it was... weird... to say the least – unless you consider giving Satan a lap dance nothing out of the ordinary, in which case: Good on you.

Lil Nas X lap dance
Earning that first place in the top 100 ain't easy. (Credit: Lil Nas X)

But forget about all that because Lil Nas X now released a browser-based game to commemorate the release of his latest single. And commemorate it he did with the game called Twerk Hero. It's actually surprising Lil Nas X is the first singer to release a twerking game. We always thought it'd be Nicky Minaj...

What is Lil Nas X Twerk Hero

Twerk Hero is exactly what you'd expect from the name. You grab Lil Nas X and make him twerk to the soothing sound of Montero. While twerking you'll be assaulted by a barrage of tridents that you easily destroy with Lil Nas' ass.

The gameplay isn't impressive by any means and even the hit registration is a mess but honestly, we didn't expect better. After all, it's just a joke. At least you can finish the whole thing in a couple of minutes and be done with it. If you love twerking, and you can't stop listening to Montero then this just might be the game for you. In any other case, it's a hard pass.

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