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LeBron checking on his injured teammate

LeBron James Calls Anthony Davis During Call of Duty Stream

LeBron James & Anthony Davis in Warzone
This is probably how LeBron was looking during the call with Anthony Davis. (Credit: NBA)

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are NBA superstars, yet human just like us. Davis was enjoying a game of Call of Duty with another LA Lakers teammate - Dennis Schröder, when he received a call from LeBron

LeBron James is trying to win his fifth NBA championship and cement his legacy as the greatest to ever do it in the NBA. His star teammate Anthony Davis is supposed to help him achieve that and LeBron's making sure AD remembers that even as the latter is out with an injury.

LeBron James Interrupts Anthony Davis & Dennis Schröder's CoD Stream

Dennis Schröder was helping LA Lakers teammate Anthony Davis with his injury rehab by... playing and streaming Call of Duty: Warzone with him. Some sports fanatics may argue against this recovery method, but we, and apparently Davis himself, tend to disagree.

Perhaps one of the people who would rather have Anthony Davis doing a different sort of rehab is his veteran superstar mate LeBron James. James called Davis in the midst of a Warzone game to check on his teammate. Some commenters made light fun of the situation and played it as if LeBron is doing some quality control over his NBA squad:

While the chat between LeBron and Davis was obviously just a chill convo between mates, we have no doubts that both players are 100% focused on winning a second consecutive NBA championship.

The only real question raised was probably in Dennis Schröder's head: "Why ain't Bron checking on me like that?".

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