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That's some confidence

Game Dev Will Give You $1,000 If You Hate His Game

Josef Fares is giving money to people who hate It Takes Two
Is this the face of a confident man or what? (Credit:

Do you feel down on yourself sometimes? Not enough confidence? Then you should try and hook up an online lesson in confidence from Hazelight Studios director Josef Fares. He promised to give $1,000 to anyone that hates It Takes Two - his studio's new game.

Overconfidence can be a thing and Josef Fares' wallet might find that out the hard way after the latest claim made by the game developer.

Josef Fares: It Takes $1,000

Josef Fares and Hazelight Studios just released their new product - the co-op/online platformer It Takes Two. The title premiered on March 26 and is receiving glowing reviews. Even then, the certainty of Fares in people loving his product is really impressive.

He spoke of how he and his team worked hard to make the story-driven adventure of It Takes Two interesting and non-repetitive - a sin he believes a lot of modern games are guilty of. Fares went as far in his comments as to promise he'd personally give $1,000 to anyone that gets bored of It Takes Two, "as long as they're being honest about it".

Sounds like a sweet deal: grab a potentially cool game, get disappointed, receive $1,000!

We should all of course recognize the hyperbole here and read this for what it is: Josef Fares being 100% sure that Hazelight Studios gave done a terrific job on It Takes Two. Even the fact that EA is publishing the game (as part of EA Originals) can't stop us from agreeing with Josef. That bloody game is indeed fun!

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