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A special video from the man

Famous Pornstar Wishes Warzone Pro Aydan a Happy Birthday

Johnny Sins wished Aydan a happy birthday on video
Johnny Sins kept his clothes on for the birthday wish to Aydan. (Credit: Johnny Sins)

Everyone loves the neighborhood plumber Johnny Sins. New York Subliners player and Warzone pro Aydan Conrad was blessed for his 22nd birthday by the man himself. In a strictly platonic way.

Call of Duty pro Aydan received the birthday present of the year, courtesy of his team. The now 22-year-old was honored by multi-tasking extraordinaire Johnny Sins in a dedicated video to celebrate the NY Subliners player's special day.

Johnny Sins Wishes Aydan a Happy Birthday

You gotta give it to New York Subliners. They know how to take care of their squad. I personally struggle everytime with thinking of good presents and always admire the ones who can consistently come up with good ideas. That being said, this is hands down the best birthday present I've ever witnessed.

You can see the joy on Aydan's face througout the video. How can he not be happy? It's the man, the myth, the pipe-fixing legend himself!

The birthday boy did not limit himself to just enjoying the moment. He also offered a collaborative project to Mr. Sins. A physical one at that. Perhaps the two can come up with some promo content for the next Warzone Nuke Event? Don't think it's Verdansk that's gonna be blown up that time though.

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