John Krasinski Is The Next Superman

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John Krasinski, or as I like to call him, Emily Blunt's husband, has been cast as the next Superman.
John Krasinski Superman
Please don't be mad at me. | © NBC/Superman Comics

Listen, before you murder me for this: what I said wasn't a lie, John Krasinski has indeed been cast as the next Superman, but I'll give it to you, my clickbait was massive because it's not the Superman that you have in mind. He won't be the next Superman that has a mental breakdown because someone said his mom's name (I hated Superman vs. Batman so much, oh my god, make it burn in hell).

John Krasinski Cast As Superman

John Krasinski has been cast as Superman in DC's League of Super Pets. It's an animated feature, so Krasinski will indeed be playing Superman... or voicing him. But hey, it's a start, right?

You can see from the tweet that The Rock will also be part of League of Super Pets. Guess 007 didn't work out so well, huh? Ryan Reynolds will have to take over the role of James Bond if it goes on like this.

Don't be too disappointed about this, though, League of Super Pets is looking to be a fantastic movie, with DC heroes like Batman, The Flash, Black Adam, Aquaman and more being featured in the movie.

When Will League of Super Pets Release?

Due to COVID, the release of League of Super Pets had to be pushed back. Right now, it's set to release on May 20, 2022. You'll get to see The Rock and John Krasinski in a movie together... in one way or another. And who wouldn't want that? (Don't answer that if the answer isn't yes, I don't have a comeback for it).

Look, I know the clickbait was heavy on this one, but again, I'm not technically wrong here. And let's be real, we all love John Krasinski and everything he does anyway ever since The Office, so even if he's "only" playing Superman in an animated version, it's still Emily Blunt's husband playing Superman.

Did I mention how much I love Emily Blunt?