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Turns out death threats are a no-go.

COD Pro Suspended After Real Life Threat: "You're Gonna Get Shot in the Head!"

Jimbo death threat KiSMET Cod
That's kind of what happened. (Credit: Taken)

Professional Call of Duty player Jimbo threatened Built By Gamers pro KiSMET. More specifically, he threatened to shoot KiSMET in the head. Let's unravel the drama:

Bryan "Jimbo" Sabman is the name and shooting people in the head in real life is his game: During the CDL's tier 2 competition, Call of Duty Challengers, Jimbo felt the need to voice death threats in the midst of the Elite Qualifiers. Unsurprisingly, he got suspended for three months for it. Wanna see a clip of it? Of course, you do, you lil' thirsty drama sponge, you:

What happened then? You know the drill: Threaten somebody's life, get banned, use TwitLonger for your half-baked apology. 

According to Jimbo, it was never his "intent to threaten another competitor." Funny, cause saying you'll shoot someone in the head sure sounds threatening. Must be a cultural difference or something.

Oh sorry, never meant to write that there.

Seriously though, many things have been said in the heat of the moment of many CoD games. Is it ok? No. Is it common? Well, how about you ask your mom abou—

You see, what we did there, right? Gamer talk, folks. So, to Jimbo: Don't let it happen again. Here are his full apology and explanation:

As long as KiSMET's head remains un-shot... no harm done?

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