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This is getting out of hand

Latest James Charles Grooming Accusations Are Fake

Fake accusations against James Charles
James Charles is guilty of grooming, but it doesn't excuse fake allegations thrown at the YouTuber. (Credit: James Charles)

Beauty YouTuber James Charles has caught a lot of flack in the past few weeks because of mounting grooming accusations that are coming from various potential victims. The latest of those turned out to be both very serious and very, very fake.

It's not easy to be James Charles right now. The YouTube star was left with an apology video exit route, after numerous underage boys came out with allegations that Charles had approached them inappropriately. Charles did admit to this and initially, TikTok user Kian Jones was thought to be just another case of this scandal, but it turns out that he is a fraud.

Kian Jones Faked DMs with James Charles

Kian Jones was originally the 12th victim of James Charles' self-confessed grooming rampage, but unlike all the others before him, Kian was found out to be a fraud.

The "evidence" he showed where he tells Charles his age and the YouTuber invites him over to "chill" have been fabricated.

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Jones says so himself in a short apology video, where he confesses that he made it all up to "get some clout". The video was, however, removed quickly and Jones started dodging all questions regarding it, which did nothing to relief the accusations that are now aimed towards him, instead of James Charles.

Charles already admitted his guilt and is far from clean in this whole ordeal, but throwing false information around just drowns the real cases. We are not willing to give Kian Jones a pass just because of his age either. Doing crappy stuff isn't alright, regardless of age, fame or occupation.

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