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The YouTuber has responded to accusations by confirming them

James Charles' Confession to Grooming Underage Boys

James Charles Apology Video
James Charles admits his guilt in approaching underage boys inappropriately. (Credit: James Charles via YouTube)

James Charles is a popular name in the beauty YouTube channel genre. With popularity comes accountability and inevitably: public apologies. Here is what the streamer said in his own "holding myself accountable" apology video where he answers accusations of grooming underage boys.

James Charles is a successful YouTuber in the makeup and beauty genre and former host of the YouTube original series Instant Influencer. Why former? Because he faced accusations of predatory behavior towards young boys and got canceled. How young? Illegally young.

The James Charles Accusations

The 21-year-old YouTube star has been flirting with illegal subjects. Hitting on 16-year-old boys on SnapChat isn't the best thing you can do for your image and legal status and while we don't believe the latter is threatened, the former took a huge hit.

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The James Charles Apology Video

It took James Charles about a week to respond, which is somewhere in the middle of the apology video scale. Some defendants take weeks or don't respond at all!

You can rarely weather social media storms with silence, however, so James recorded and uploaded the "holding myself accountable" (all lower case, similar to the volume of his voice throughout the video) 14-minute video on YouTube for everyone to see and hear.

If you feel like you got better things to do, here's a synopsis:

  • I'm guilty
  • I apologize to my victims
  • This will never happen again

We are not a judge, and Mr. Charles should be very thankful for that, because sexually approaching underage boys is a criminal offense, not a "controversy", as James calls them. So, admitting to guilt, in this case, is basically admitting to a crime.

Also, he has said "this won't happen again" before, and, well, it's happened again.

We may want to retract our statement that James Charles' legal status is not threatened.

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