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Well... this escalated quickly

Is This Too Much? This Resident Evil Village Clip Is on Pornhub...

Lady Dimitrescu Resident Evil Village Sucking Ethan Winters
Lady Dimitrescu sure does lover her blood... (Credit: lewdtrapu - YouTube)

You know Lady Dimitrescu, right? Of course, you do? We know you googled her. Well, now you can more than google her – she actually ended up on Pornhub with a certain clip.

So the whole internet basically revealed its tall-women fetish when Resident Evil Village released its trailer. The 9'6'' vampire Lady Dimitrescu has gotten everybody to pay attention, and now it also caught the eye of Pornhub.

Shut Up, Let Me See The Scene

Say no more, here it is. Totally SFW, but the sound is a bit... not:

Oh, we so hope your mom walked past your room while you were watching, and you forgot to pop in headphones.

So how do we feel about Lady Dimitrescu sucking our blood while maintaining eye-contact? Uhm, we definitely think that Capcom knew exactly what they were doing with this scene. We also think they knew exactly what they were doing when they had the Lady D's daughters say, "let's devour his man-flesh quickly mother".

Yup, totally not a lot of... uhm... Rated-R implications in that last quote. Shameless, Capcom, absolutely shameless. 

Where Is the Lady Dimitrescu Clip From?

Of course this little tidbit of shamelessness comes our way via a gameplay clip of Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters chasing Ethan Winters. The whole thing is actually more horrifying than appealing, unless your tastes are more battle-hardened than ours:

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