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A never-ending story.

Indiefoxx: Hot Tub Streams Are Better Than Gaming

Indiefoxx Hot Tub Streams vs. Gaming Streams
What do you think about what Indiefoxx had to say about Hot Tub Streams? (Credit: Indiefoxx Twitch)

Twitch and the Hot Tub Streams are a never-ending story. So is Indiefoxx in combination with the hot tub streams. She now explained why Hot Tub Streams are way better than your ordinary gaming streams.

So… Hot Tub Streams. Are you a fan? Doesn’t really matter, you’re going to have to get used to them, because they exist all over Twitch right now. Indiefoxx is one of those Hot Tub Streamers that benefits from Hot Tub Streams, and even with the backlash she receives from some, she came forward and commented on how Hot Tub Streams are actually way better than Gaming streams (editor: ... you think you can fit one more Hot Tub Stream keyword in that paragraph?).

What Does Indiefoxx Stream?

Indiefoxx used to be a Gaming Streamer, but then she realized that the raunchy streams pay more, and so she switched over to that, now being a Hot Tub Streamer. And why not? The bikini content makes her more money than Gaming Streams. This is what she recently had to say in one of her streams in regards to this topic.

Guys are always going to rather sub to a girl doing a hot tub than like normal gaming in my opinion. Or like... it's pretty close, so... why am I going to like, torture myself to develop this whole shooter persona.

Don’t you think that Indiefoxx has a point? If Hot Tub Streams give her the big bills, then why not use the opportunity and keep on doing it? Just because of some uptight people on the internet, that have nothing better to do, than to show their jealousy? Nah, Indiefoxx ain’t that stupid.

Indiefoxx knows how to reel in the big bucks and that’s exactly what she’s doing.

Good for her.


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