What Does Indiefoxx Do in the Hot Tub? | EarlyGame
Business, that's what.

What Does Indiefoxx Do in the Hot Tub?

Indiefoxx is doing business in the hot tub
Indiefoxx is looking to invest that hot tub stream dough. (Credit: Indiefoxx)

Indiefoxx knows her business. She is gaining more and more popularity through her hot tub Twitch streams and has now come up with an additional venture she could dive in while in the tub: investing in cryptocurrency.

Indiefoxx's public image is basically limited to her wearing next to no clothing on her Twitch streams. The popularity and money she's gained through that is now being invested. That's called growth, everybody.

What Does Indiefoxx Do in the Hot Tub?

We're sure plenty of people would love to know every little detail in relation to that question. We won't speculate, as much as we want to, and will stick to only what we know.

On one hand, of course, are the hot tub streams in which Indiefoxx is quite the professional. The professionalism carries over to other areas, it seems. This young lady is growing to become a real businesswoman, if her latest tweet is anything to go by.

Being a hot tub meta streamer does not mean you don't have business acumen. Quite the contrary, actually. This girl knows where it's at: OnlyFans and cryptocurrency. From what we can tell, she doesn't need any help with the former. Indiefoxx displays another good quality here: knowing your own limits and asking for expert advice when necessary.

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We suspect there would be plenty of helping hands offered to the Twitch streamer. We don't know how many of those will be about crypto though.

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