Indiefoxx Banned From Twitch! Got Naked to Promote Onlyfans!

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Twitch streamer Indiefoxx was banned again for wearing revealing lingerie and writing her subscriber names on her legs, arms, and chest! Now Indiefoxx receives regular bans for pushing the boundary of Twitch's ToS.

She returned to Twitch on February 1 and was banned on the same day. That has to be some kind of record...

The meme-lords and haters rushed to post all kinds of jabs and jests roasting the now two-time banned Twitch Streamer Indiefoxx. Many Redditors actually thought she was speedrunning Twitch’s Terms of Service in order to see how fast she could get banned. She tried to pull off a sub-heist, but Twitch was quick to stop her.

Indiefoxx tweeted her return to Twitch via Twitter, although it turned out to be a short visit. Her followers and sub count did surprisingly skyrocket just before her swift and decisive ban, I wonder why...

How Fast Was Indiefoxx Banned from Twitch?

A mere 11 hours later, she was banned...again!

Now, Twitch never tells anyone why they got banned...but we have a crazy theory here: Maybe don't wear sexy lingerie and write subscriber names on your naked body. The surge in followers and subs definitely flagged her account, so Twitch must have quickly noticed that. Upon seeing her nearly naked body on stream... the outcome was all but decided. A ban was incoming!

But wait, there is more! It turns out Indiefoxx is a rather bad girl! Her first ban was due to a similar incident during a hot tub stream. Would you’d be surprised to learn that she was also wearing almost next to nothing in this stream too?

Indiefoxx is far from innocent, she knew exactly what she was doing. Hours after the ban, she was advertising her Onlyfans page on Twitter. In 2021, we once again learn, sex sells. We can respect the hustle in some ways because simps gonna simp. You cashed in your Twitch account for some quick clout and to boost your Onlyfans, but... ban deserved. Let's see if she ever gets unbanned – chances are she can come back for her third strike.

The Hot Tub Meta on Twitch still persists, and it's pretty common to find men and women enjoying the water wearing their swimsuits. Indiefoxx may have been one of the first, but despite the bans, she will not be the last streamer to don a swimsuit on a stream.

Recent updates on Indiefoxx, the poster girl for Bans on Twitch:

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