GeorgeNotFound Smashed Pokimane's Record for Most Hot Tub Viewers

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GeorgeNotFound did a hot tub stream
GeorgeNotFound is the happy owner of a hot tub stream record. (Credit: GeorgeNotFound)

GeogeNotFound announced he's doing a hot tub stream. Everybody thought it's a joke. It was not a joke. What it was, well - is, is a new record viewership for a hot tub stream.

Bye, bye Pokinane, hello GeorgeNotFound! Poki's own unorthodox hot tub stream had set the record for most viewers in the popular Twitch "genre". Now, an even more unconventional product, by a man no less, has absolutely shattered the viewer counts.

GeorgeNotFound Breaks Twitch Hot Tub Viewer Record

GeorgeNotFound is a Minecraft content creator and Minecraft is hugely popular. That is pretty much how his impromptu hot tub stream obliterated any female's viewer count. Oh, and all the crazy stuff he did during the stream.

George had brought a wheel of fortune with him, only the fortunes were exclusively weird actions, which he would perform as the wheel picked them.

Why go through all of that, you ask? Because money! Yep, hidden (not literally, it was always there) on the wheel of fortune was the section "announcement". Once GeorgeNotFound finally spun it, the announcement was made: the streamer is launching his own merchandise website.

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Was it all worth it, you may also ask? Well, considering the fact that 350.000 people tuned in for the GeorgeNotFound hot tub stream... yes, yes, it was all worth it.

To get some perspective on this number, the previous record within the hot tub meta was 100.000, set by Pokimane on her 25th birthday a couple weeks back.

The funny part in all this is that the streamers holding the top two spots in viewership kept their clothes on the whole time. Irony is a bitch.

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