Fortnite Streamer Gets Kills with a Guitar Controller | EarlyGame
Play that solo one more time, Rob

Unbelievable: Fortnite Streamer Dominates with Guitar Controller... Must Watch!

Guitar Controller Getting Kills in Fortnite
Who knew guitars can be so deadly? (Credit: Epic Games)

Czech streamer RobDiesAlot pulled off something even Joe Satriani could not: he got a kill in Fortnite while using his guitar as a controller.

Fortnite in particular has seen weird objects being used as controllers aplenty. While it's not exactly gaming using a banana, streamer RobDiesAlot's guitar controller is impressive enough to make a compelling story. Not least because he actually does decent at the game despite the controller handicap.

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Guitar Controller Works for Fortnite, Scientists Say

RobDiesAlot has some false advertisement to his name. How can someone that is getting kills with a guitar die a lot? Anyway, the streamer got into Fortnite, only with a little trick up his sleeve. Instead of a mouse + keyboard setup or a console controller, Rob plugged his guitar and struck some notes that got him kills in the Battle Royale.

Viewer discretion is advised: there are some painful sounds involved in the following video that make Yoko Ono's singing sound like the second coming of Freddy Mercury.

Yep, that is indeed a real ass guitar getting folks killed in a video game. We've heard of killer riffs, but damn, Rob, let these kids breathe, man!

If you think a guitar can be used much better and "these kids today ruin everything, even Led Zeppelin", then we will let you know that Mr. RobDiesAlot does play the guitar and plays it well.

Not exactly Jimmy Page's sound, but we'll take it.

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