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Floyd Mayweather Made $100M From Logan Paul Fight

Floyd Mayweather's money
Floyd Mayweather added another $100 million to this stack. | © Floyd Mayweather via Instagram

The Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul fight was dubbed a flop by some. According to Mayweather, that flop enlarged his bank account by a cool $100 million. Where do they sell these flops, so I can buy one too?

The Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul event was far from perfect. Even if we move past the purists' cries of how much of an insult influencer fights are to the sport of boxing, we still have the objectively low entertainment value of the fight itself, and the unfortunate broadcasting issues a lot of fans went through.

With all of these issues, that fight has reportedly made Floyd $100 million. Who is reporting on this information? Floyd is!

How Much Money Did Floyd Mayweather Make From Logan Paul Fight?

Floyd Mayweather made $100 million from the Logan Paul boxing match. The former professional boxer hinted that he had already made $30 million before the fight even began. Now, a few weeks after the Paul match, Mayweather said he made another $70 million after that initial statement. It wasn't even during a new interview or a serious conversation. He said it almost as a joke.

While this new number is in a different league of its own, it is feasible that the post-event earnings would eclipse the "build-up money", so it is definitely in the realm of possibility.

The only asterisk in this theory is that Mayweather was quite tame during that interview where he spoke of his pre-fight share of the pie. In fact, the reason he brought up that he made $30 million before the June 6 event was a response to a question how much he expects to make total.

Floyd isn't one to miss out on showboating about money. The man is called "Money", for Christ's sake! That's why we are ever so slightly reserved towards the $100 million figure, although it could be that Floyd simply did not anticipate the large amount of dough he would earn post-game.

Whatever the real numbers may be, the "biggest robber in sports" is most certainly not going to lose any sleep over some geezer's doubts over how many millions he made for a half-hour "fake fight".

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