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What a wholesome story

#FINDSARAH Worked! Twitter Found MikeyPerk's Missing Daughter Sarah

MikeyPerk found Sarah
Sarah is back with her father MikeyPerk after mising for a week. | © MikeyPerk

Friday I'm in love with good news! A few days back, we reported on Twitch streamer MikeyPerk's tragic experience. His teenage daughter Sarah had gone missing, but through the power of the #FINDSARAH hashtag, the internet has managed to find the girl and bring a father well-deserved relief.

Twitch streamer MikeyPerk went through hell for the past week. As we reported earlier this week, his teenage daughter Sarah had gone missing over this past weekend. After an intense search that included the police and a massive internet campaign, Mikey has finally found what he was looking for, in one piece!

Twitter Helps MikeyPerks to Find His Missing Daughter

The power of the internet can be used for good! For all the ugly sh*t you could stumble upon in Twitter comments, the wholesomeness of the comment section under Twitch streamer MikeyPerk's most recent tweet can spark hope in the most desperate of hearts.

That was probably the most anticipated tweet for the past few days in the entire streaming community. It's these tough situations that usually manage to unite people, both during the struggle and for the eventual success parade.

The struggle began right at the edge of last weekend when Sarah Perkins snuck out of her home without saying a word to her family. Worried sick, her father Michael Perkins, known in the streaming world as MikeyPerk, used every option available to find his daughter. He turned to the police, to the local Ohio folk, and most crucially - to Twitter.

It's the latter that gave his case the popularity that it needed and eventually led to someone identifying Sarah and bringing her back to her father after almost a week. The best news is that despite the prolonged absence, Sarah appears to be perfectly fine.

Mikey's tearful message after getting Sarah back revealed that he's probably not going to sleep tonight, but that insomnia will feel much more comfortable now that his child is back by his side. Fingers crossed that the Perkins family is set for more harmonious days from now on.

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