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Has FaZe Banks forgotten about the coronavirus all over again?

FaZe Banks Faces Criticism for NYE Party in New York City

FaZe Banks Corona Party
FaZe Banks had a great party, and now they are facing criticism (Credit: Unsplash/Banks)

FaZe Banks, co-owner of the popular FaZe Clan, is currently facing heavy criticism after showing up at an NYE party in New York City and partying with dozens of people. Coronavirus was a 2020 problem, right? Wrong.

This is not the first time FaZe Banks has been criticized, either. Early in December, he attended a party in Hollywood where Covid-19 regulations were disregarded. It seems that one time was not enough, as Banks has now celebrated NYE in a similar fashion, with no social distancing. Has FaZe Banks forgotten all about this global pandemic?

What’s curious about his story is that it blew up because Banks himself posted videos of the event! Well, that was a bit silly, wasn't it? The whole thing did not go down particularly well. Banks has now been sharply criticized on Twitter on several sides, including Rod “Slasher” Breslau, who sarcastically highlighted earlier Covid-related statements by Banks.

Brawl Stars Game Lead, Frank Keienburg, has called Banks “irresponsible” and questioned what impact this action may have on FaZe’s sponsors.

Even more drastic words came from Alan Bunney, who is not only CEO of Esports organization Panda Global, but is also a qualified doctor.

Clearly, FaZe Banks has real f**ked up here! At a time like this, when the pandemic is raging across the globe like never before, it’s especially important to take care, and pay attention to local rules and requirements. It’s pretty silly to go to a party like this, no matter what.

It is not yet clear whether this Corona Party, and its subsequent criticism, will have any consequences for the FaZe Clan. However, we will keep you up to date here at EarlyGame!


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Original article written by Faris Delalic.