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Facebook and Ray Ban are seeing the future. Get it?

Facebook and Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Revealed

Facebook Ray-Ban Stories Smart Glasses Release Date
Who wore 'em better? | © Facebook

Facebook and Ray-Ban got together on a little project: Smart glasses – the Ray-Ban Stories. The smart glasses are set to be revealed today, but were leaked ahead of their release.


Facebook just had its official reveal event and will start selling the Facebook glasses as soon as next week. The glasses are going to cost $299 and are sold anywhere, where Ray-Bans are sold. 

If you want to read about the Ray-Ban Stories in detail, I'd recommend you head on over to our friends at The Verge, who wrote a very detailed hands-on about the new Facebook x Ray-Ban smart glasses:

Leaker Evleaks is the one responsible for spoiling the Facebook and Ray-Ban's party. Just ahead of the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses reveal that is set to take place today, the leaker leaked everything there is to know about the new project:

Facebook Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Leak

From the leak we know that the smart-glasses will come in three frames: Round, Meteor and Wayfarer. Essentially, the glasses look exactly like a Ray-Ban with two cameras subtly placed next to the hinges and a button on the top right, that no one would ever notice. It's all really subtle and a far cry from the first smart-glasses, which made you stand out in the nerdiest way possible. These Ray-Ban Stories, are a fashion statement, as much as they are a tech-marvel.

We'll have to wait on the reveal later today for the full specs, but we already have a quote from Mark Zuckerberg on what to expect:

They have [Ray-Ban’s] iconic form factor, and they let you do some pretty neat things. [They are part of the] journey towards full augmented reality glasses in the future.

Sounds like the Ray-Ban Stories are more of an entry model and not the end-game of an augmented reality future. In fact, we don't really know what AR features and functionalities the Ray-Ban Stories will bring to the table, but we will update this article as soon as we do.

Facebook already confirmed that there are more advanced AR glasses in the works, and I'm just wondering: Is anybody working on some AR contact lenses? Because that is when sh*t would really get wild.

We don't have a proper time for the event – we only know that it will take place on September 9, but we're sure the internet is going to have a reaction to it, so all we need to do is stay tuned.

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