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F9 Sets Pandemic Box Office Record

F9 set a box office record
F9 has brought in a couple bucks to the Fast & Furios franchise. | © Universal Pictures

Fast & Furious is going full speed even during pandemic times. The ninth installment in the franchise: F9, just broke the record for highest domestic opening weekend earnings since the COVID-19 pandemic entered the western world in the beginning of 2020.

There's no stopping Fast & Furious. The 20-year anniversary of the first movie in the series also matched with the release of the ninth installment, simply called F9. It more than matched F&F's precious success, as it set a record at the box office within its first weekend.

F9 Sets Pandemic Box Office Record

F9 was unleashed in theaters on Friday, June 25, 2021, and mopped the floor with the competition domestically. The estimated numbers say that the latest Fast & Furious film has made around $70 million on home soil and $405 million worldwide.

That first number is far above anything else during the last year and a half. The closest any film came to F9's pandemic success is Godzilla vs. Kong with $48.5 million. The other film that is in the same realm in terms of income is A Quiet Place Part II, which made $47 million. Of course, F9's record-setting pace has something to do with the looser measures this summer compared to just a couple of months ago, but the margin is so large that it probably wouldn't have mattered anyway.

While F9's numbers are impressive, it is understandably a far cry from the nearly $100 million that its predecessor in the main Fast & Furious storyline - The Fate of the Furious, accumulated over its first weekend domestically. Nevertheless, the $400+ million that F9 has already brought in mean that it's more than doubled its budget, and is comfortably headed towards a third consecutive billion dollar box office milestone.

As a whole, Fast & Furious is moving upwards on the list of most profitable movie series of all-time. At this moment, the F&F franchise sits in seventh place with a total of $6.3 billion made in the box office worldwide.

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