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This Webcam Is a Human Eye That Blinks!

Eyecam Is a Literal Human Eye Webcam
Introducing the Eyecam! (Credit: Youtube - Marc Teyssier)

Do you feel like you're always being watched? If not would you want to? Well, with the Eyecam webcam all your dreams and nightmares become real!

If 1984 was your favorite book for all the wrong reasons, and you like being watched then, oh boy, do we have some good news for you. The Eyecam is a webcam that looks like a human eye, and it even acts like it.

What Is The Eyecam?

The Eyecam was created by Marc Teyssier, and it can do some crazy stuff:

  • The Eyecam is designed to mimic the human eye
  • It can blink
  • It  can frown
  • The Eyecam can wake up on its own 
  • It can scan the environment like a proper creep

It's the perfect camera to freak out your friends. In an interview with IGN, Teyssier shared what inspired him to create the Eyecam:

Webcams...are in front of us, looking at us constantly. We are familiar with the human eye, and a webcam and a human eye share a purpose: they 'see,' but in contrast to the webcam, the human eye is expressive. Human eyes can express happiness, anger, boredom, or fatigue. The anthropomorphic features [of the Eyecam] are really strong and adding flesh (and eyebrows) makes the device much more expressive. I believe that if every device's working state and functions were explicit, it would better for end-users [and] privacy issues will be highlighted.
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Technology is all around us these days, and we've gotten used to it, often forgetting that it's there. The Eyecam serves as a kind reminder that your web camera might be watching even when you're not expecting it. In that way, it is a public service of sorts.


The only sad thing about the Eyecam is the fact that it's not mass-produced, yet. On the bright side, the project is completely open-source and if you want to recreate the camera you can find additional information on Teyssier's Github. The creator of the Eyecam is promising a full 45-minute tutorial video on how to make one yourself so stay tuned! So, would you get/make one?

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