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Ethan speaks on the accusations of catfishing

Ethan Klein on Catfishing Scandal: Dream Is Not Trying to Bang You!

Ethan Klein spoke on Dream catfishing scandal
Ethan Klein defended Dream on his podcast. | © H3 Podcast via YouTube

Ethan Klein has been a vocal critic of Dream in the past. The H3 Podcast host proved he is objective by now coming to Dream's defense amid allegations of catfishing being made against the Minecraft streamer.

Ethan Klein is definitely among the more divisive figures on YouTube, and so is Dream. The two haven't always gotten along in the past, but yesterday saw them being on the same side of a controversial topic.

Is Dream Catfishing His Fans?

About a week ago, an alleged real-life picture of Dream circled around Twitter. Whatever was on that pic, it would have blown peaople's heads off because the streamer is notoriously secretive about his identity. The fact that the supposed irl Dream looked nothing like the figure we've seen on merch and promo pics made it that much easier for drama to brew.

Many people who believed the story to be real jumped on Dream's neck with catfishing accusations - tricking his audience that he was hotter than he actually is. See, the person on the picture is visibly overweight, while the online persona Dream is, to put it brief, in shape.

That made people mad, because they need Dream to be slim and handsome to enjoy his Minecraft content or something. We'll keep our own opinion to ourselves, however we will share Ethan Klein's words on the matter, taken from the last H3 Podcast.

He never asked you to fetishize him. He never asked you to find his true identity. There's a reason he's trying to hide his face and it's clearly you guys. So now he's getting canceled by his own fans because he's not that cute boy they thought he was, and for "catfishing" them. I'm sorry, you shouldn't have messed up your own fantasy.

He just doesn't want you to know who he is. "Oh, he catfished me". He's not trying to f*ck you! He's trying to f*ck others' Minecraft speedruns. What don't you understand about that?

We will make the correction that Dream himself made under Klein's video: none of his own fans are responsible for any of this, and he doesn't feel like he's getting canceled over this story.

Whatever the case may be, the mere fact that someone is ready to thrash another person based on looks is just sad. Nothing further to add.

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