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Many have tried, Ekaterina Lisina succeeded

The Most Accurate Lady Dimitrescu Cosplay You'll Ever See!

Lady Dimitrescu from Resident Evil: Village
The Tall Lady lives up to her name, which isn't actually The Tall Lady. (Credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil's Lady Dimitrescu is often the subject of cosplays. She's a female vampire, so of course's in the eyes of every cosplayer! She is also very, very tall. So tall that she's often called simply The Tall Lady. That makes a physically accurate cosplay hard to pull off. Not for Ekaterina Lisina, who absolutely nails it!

Cosplays are easy to find. Good cosplays, however, are a bit rarer. To be fair, we will say that most of their supernatural objects are difficult to pull off when it comes down to cosplay. You go and try to look like a video game character, I dare you!

The task becomes more challenging when the character you've chosen to pose as has some uncommon features: many limbs, two faces, purple-green-blue skin, being extremely tall. That last bit is the obstacle Ekaterina Lisina was facing when cosplaying as Resident Evil's Lady Dimitrescu. The real-life tall lady did the virtual version full justice.

The Best Lady Dimitrescu Cosplay

According to canon, Lady Dimitrescu is 2.92 m tall. That's 9'6" for you feet-measuring people. Even models can't reach that and to be punctual, neither does former basketball player Ekaterina Lisina.

However, unlike most cosplayers out there, she is tall for a woman, or a man. Tall for a human being in general. The former Russian Olympian stands at an impressive 2.05 m (6'9"), which while not quite at Lady Dimitrescu levels, is probably as close as we're going to get to it.

We must say, Ekaterina pulls off the look perfectly.

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