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There's a recording that says so

Did Dream Say the N-word on Stream?

Dream is accused of saying the n-word
Minecraft YouTuber Dream is under attack for alleged racist comments on stream. (Credit: Dream)

Is Dream racist? That's what many people are wondering after the popular YouTuber was hit with allegations that he said the n-word live on stream while playing Minecraft. Is there any merit to it? We have the video. We have the facts.

Minecraft content creator Dream has been dragged into yet another racist scandal. After having been back for a few weeks, he has now been dragged into an even more egregious situation: accusations of saying the n-word on stream.

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Is Dream Racist?

Dream fans, or "stans" as they are called by haters, were of course quick to say that the allegations are fabricated bullcrap. So did Dream himself. But before we get to his response, what is he even defending against?

The answer - this clip:

It is but a snippet of a 30-minute stream recording where the person that says "pop pop n****" first is addressed multiple times by the moniker Dream.

That recording is supposedly from 2017 and speculations on whether it's actually that Dream quickly swirled. The man's reaction was that of disgust and he believes there's some campaign going on that's aimed at bringing him down:

The account Dream is talking about is another part of the newly found racism accusations against him. Said "DeltaDream" account has a pretty nasty name change history and naysayers are linking it to Dream. Something he vehemently denies.


We... don't know. I mean, even if none of this is true, he can still be racist. Is it true tho? Doesn't really look or sound like it is, yet the whole thing has such a strong vibe of "it's gonna turn out true in the end" that we're already feeling sorry for the poor stans.

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