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Prepare yourselves!

Dream Face Reveal Coming Soon!

Dream Face Reveal
Dream is ready to show us what lies beneath the mask. (Credit: Dream)

Dream is soon ready for a face reveal. The popular Minecraft YouTuber spoke on the matter in an interview with Anthony Padilla.

Dream is not just one of the most popular masked content creators on the internet, he is one of the most popular content creators on the internet, period. It doesn't hurt that he has that mask mystery going on anyway, but now the Minecraft streamer is ready to drop the mask and reveal his real face.

Dream Ready for a Face Reveal

Dream's generic smiling face mask is a trademark for his brand on the internet. People are so used to it that the idea of it not being Dream's "face" anymore might feel a little...weird. According to the streamer himself, his fans should be ready for seeing his real eyes and smile in the near future.

He started with outlining the limitations a masked persona faces on the internet:

The biggest downside is just not being able to express myself fully. I want to be able to do things that you can’t do. Like, let’s say, go and meet people. It’s restricting on the things I can do, like being able to do TikToks.

When challenged on whether a face reveal would change his content, Dream replied:

Not really. The smile and the mask that is all going to be a part of my brand even after the face reveal, it’s more so going to be a new chapter. I’ll be able to get to do more things I haven’t been able to do. And my goal is to take full advantage of it.

Finally, he gave us a hint at how the mask drop is going to be presented:

I want to do it with my friends, or some way my fans can participate somehow. So I thought of a meetup, or some kind of event. I would do it in a way where it wouldn’t be the center of things.

That sounds noble, but we all know that a Dream face reveal would break the internet, whether he intends it or not.

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