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Confession time

Confirmed: Dream Cheated During Minecraft Speedruns

Dream cheated during Minecraft speedruns
Dream is now a self-admitted cheater. (Credit: Jadyn via YouTube)

Is Dream a cheater? That's a long-standing debate that has loomed over his immensely successful Minecraft speedruns. After today's confession, we know for a fact that Dream did cheat.

It's hard to accept you are wrong and take responsibility for your actions. We can give Dream his due on that front. However, naysayers certainly received a boost after the latest info relating to the Minecraft YouTuber.

Did Dream Cheat During Minecraft Speedrun?

Yes, Dream cheated. It's not an open discussion anymore. The man himself has stepped up and admitted to it. The speedruns in question happened last year and immediately led to suspicions that cheats were at play. Dream fiercely denied any accusations of cheating and hired his own specialists to prove he was right.

The time of reckoning arrived several months after. Dream's most recent discoveries showed that he was unknowingly using a mod that raises the drop rate of Ender Pearls and Blaze Rods. In non-Minecraft language: a forbidden mod that makes a speedrun faster.

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Dream's biggest regret from the whole debacle is going at lengths to prove to the mods that it was all legit and "dragging them through the mud" despite them being "mostly right".

This revelation has divided the public once again. Dream fans admire his honesty, others call him out on being a self-admitted cheat. Some don't really buy the "I didn't know" part. Which camp are you part of?

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