Drdisrespect’s Twitch Ban Mystery Finally Solved? | EarlyGame
Another rumor to add to the list!

Has Dr Disrespect’s Mysterious Twitch Ban Finally Been Solved?

Dr disrespect
Gamers, It's all about the money. EVERY TIME! (Credit: DrDisrespect)

Why was Dr Disrespect banned from Twitch? Everyone wants to know this freaking answer! We have another fresh roomer that actually seems plausible and is not just a clout grab or an attempt to take down Dr Disrespect.

Just tell us Twitch: why did you ban Dr Disrespect? Tell us before we all switch to Mixer! Ha...ha...not really because that platform failed miserably! Come on Twitch, seriously, whose Stream do I have to sub to before you will tell me why you banned Doc? Do I need to sub to Pokimane? xQc? Indiefoxx…? What's the secret formula? Or maybe I should just watch Doc on YouTube instead because that’s what everyone one of his fans is doing anyway.

Dr Disrespect Twtich
Not even Twitch can stop such a powerful streamer!

Recently, a new rumor has surfaced from a CoD voice actor who appears to have some inside information on Dr Disrespect's Twitch ban. Jeff Leach, who plays the voice of Ghost in CoD, recently appeared on the DanAllenGaming podcast. During the podcast, the subject of Dr Disrespect came up and according to Jeff, he heard from “people who work at Twitch” that the ban was all about the money.

That’s right, the simplest answer is often the correct solution, Dr Disrespect was banned over money and not his mysterious streaming service with Shroud and Ninja, not his past legal problems, or his sexual misconduct.

Im Smart Meme
Strong arming Twitch by using Mixer+Ninja = galaxy brain!

Why Was Dr Disrespect Banned by Twitch?

According to Jeff Leach, the voice actor of Ghost, it just comes down to money. Mixer was dying faster than a console player in a Warzone tournament, so Mixer tried to bring on Dr Disrespect as they did with Ninja. Keep in mind that this detail cannot be confirmed, and no one knows if Mixer actually ever reached out to Dr Disrespect.

Jeff adds, that Dr Disrespect then in turn tried to use his supposed offer with Mixer as a negotiating tactic. Dr Disrespect tried to leverage Twitch for more money using a fake Mixer offer. Perhaps Dr Disrespect even lied about being approached by Mixer. Twitch lost its cool, the aggressive negotiation tactic used by Doc was too much to handle so they severed all ties with him. Finally, Twitch issued him a permanent ban from the platform. Or so the story goes...another room to add to the list.

Out of all the rumors, we have heard, this one seems exactly what a corporation would do. It's all about money! And at that, keep salty my thirsty gamers!

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