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Warzone Nuke Event: NICKMERCS Hyped, DrDisrespect Not So Much

DrDisrespect Warzone Nuke Stream
DrDisrespect expected more from the Call of Duty: Warzone nuke event. (Credit: DrDisrespect via YouTube)

Whether you play or even bother to acknowledge the existence of Call of Duty: Warzone, you have probably heard of the Verdansk nuke event from last night. It's literally everywhere. Many streamers, most notably NICKMERCS, reacted live to the Warzone nuke event. DrDisrespect in particular did not seem very impressed.

Last night was Warzone streaming night for every self-respecting CoD content creator. Everyone who wanted to gather some viewership used the Nuke Event. It's all everyone has been talking about for the past couple of weeks. Now that it finally happened, some were underwhelmed. By some, we mean DrDisrespect.

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What Does DrDisrespect Think of the Warzone Nuke Event?

DrDisrespect isn't too excited by the Warzone Nuke Event. If you don't believe our words, just look at his face on the live stream of the event:

Comments like "your animation is better than this whole event" and "all this build-up for a 10-second clip and a calling card" perfectly express precisely how the YouTube legend feels about all of this.

What Does NICKMERCS Think of the Verdansk Nuke Event?

NICKMERCS, who brought in 400,000 viewers to his own stream for the nuke event, was a tad bit more enthusiastic about it.

No matter which camp you are in, there is no escaping the Verdansk nuke. Everyone, including us, will talk about the Nuke Event for days to come. If you don't want to miss any of it, we recommend sticking close by and EarlyGame will have you covered.

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