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Fun fact: Valorant is addictive!

Dr Disrespect Reaches Out to Valorant's Devs and They Respond

Dr Disrespect and Valorant map
Dr Disrespect calls Valorant addictive. (Credit: Dr DisRespect/Riot Games)

Dr Disrespect has come out and said Valorant is an addictive game, but it still needs more maps. Without some more maps, the game will never be great! The devs have heard the doctor’s orders and responded on Twitter.

During a heated match of Valorant Dr Disrespect was in the zone and predicted a sweet kill. In this clip, he repeats the phrase “I Iove this feeling” just before getting a nice 1-tap.

In the Tweet, Dr Disrespect suggests the game needs more maps and his line is open to the Valorant devs. The devs in fact responded to Dr DisRespect promising more maps are on their way.

Is a collaboration in the works? It is hard to exactly confirm from just these Tweets if anything is now happening behind the scene. Not everyone is a Dr Disrespect fan and for good reason, but you can't deny his popularity.

Dr Disrespect's brand is not for everyone and his character is often aggressive and bold which seems perfect for a merciless tactical shooter like Valorant. Furthermore, Dr Disrespect’s fan base is rabid and loyal so this makes it very attractive for Riot’s bottom line.

The only issue is Dr Disrespect’s brand leaves a sour taste in the mouths of gamers that believe gaming is a safe space and rather dislike what Dr Disrespect is selling. In fact, the Twitch ban is still shrouded in mystery and many rumors swirl around the community and shine a rather bad light on Dr Disrespect past dealings with women.

With these points in mind, we see Dr Disrespect as a polarizing figure in the gaming community and it is unlikely that a collaboration between him and Riot Games will occur.

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