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The man's had enough with the title

Dr. Disrespect DELETES Warzone!

Dr. Disrespect deletes Call of Duty: Warzone
Dr. Disrespect has had enough of Warzone's bulls@#$. (Credit: Dr. Disrespect)

Dr. Disrespect is never shy to share his opinion on things. He is particularly keen on dishing out "kind words" towards Call of Duty: Warzone. His latest tantrum ended with him ending Warzone's existence on his machine. Deleted!

Whoever's following Dr. Disrespect knows he's not one to keep his opinions to himself. The same people will also know that he's had a lot to say about Call of Duty: Warzone, especially since the changes Season 2 of Black Ops Cold War brought along. The Doc has had enough!

Dr. Disrespect Deletes Call of Duty: Warzone

During a stream last night, Dr. Disrespect thought he'd go for a fun little ride playing Warzone Solos. At least that's what he had hoped for. Everything was as expected, apart from the "fun". Dr. Disrespect was having none of that and after a few rage-induced comments, he finally just called it quits, went out of the match, and straight-up deleted Warzone.

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The YouTuber has been extremely critical of Warzone lately and has said on multiple occasions that the meta is s#$% and having fun in Verdansk is simply impossible. The hoards of people still playing Activision's golden child prove him wrong in general, but that hardly does anything to change his personal opinion.

Did Dr. Disrespect Quit Warzone for Good?

Can't say for sure. He certainly did not confirm nor deny whether he'll ever play the game again. With most streamers, predicting a return would be easy. You never know with Dr. Disrespect, though. He's got enough going on for himself to afford to drop Warzone from his roster of streamed games.

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