Pokimane is Single! No Boyfriend! | EarlyGame
Not like y’all have a chance with the queen.

Pokimane is Single BTW

Pokimane is Single BTW
Good for her. (Credit: Pokimane)

Pokimane is probably used to dating rumors at this point, but even she has to come forward every now and again to confirm: Pokimane is indeed single.

Let’s start off by saying: no, you do not have a chance with Pokimane, so please don’t donate 5.000 dollars in hopes of her falling in love with you, I’m begging you.

Is Pokimane Single?

Yes. She confirmed it, guys. And now people will hopefully leave her alone for at least 24 hours before coming up with another guy that she might or might not be dating.


Naturally, with Pokimane being in the eye of the public like this, dating rumors are bound to come up. That’s normal. But at this point, it’s like Pokimane is a KPOP idol.

She just looks at another human being and yes: Humans date. Videos about “reasons why X and Pokimane are dating” are being made on the daily, and it seriously makes you think that some people don't have a social life. Like, for real.


On a more positive note, some of the replies that she got for this were actually rather hilarious, so let's end this with something fun for once:

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