Is Ninja in denial about his Fortnite Hate?  | EarlyGame
He Still Loves Fortnite...for now!

Does Ninja Hate Fortnite?

Ninja Fortnite
Ninja will keep playing Fortnite. (Credit: Ninja)

If you missed it, Ninja exploded on a recent Fortnite Stream and vowed to never play the game again. This turned out to only be Fortnite Road Rage as the influencer now recants his previous statement and claims to still love the game.

Too many "little kids" he complained in his most recent stream rage covered in our previous article. We definitely called it and knew the man would be back to the game after he cooled off by playing some other games.

On Twitter, Ninja hits back at news media:

A tale as old as time. Ninja loves Fortnite but just a little bit less. We really don’t know what to think - help us understand your relationship with Fortnite better Ninja! You love it, you hate, you’ll never play it again and so it keeps going around in circles. Help me understand Ninja!

Who knows when he will actually stream the game, it's pretty hard to tell at this point. But you can be sure as an aim-bot in a causal lobby of Warzone, he will quit again.

Well, that’s all for now, and we will be back for the next time Ninja quits Fortnite. Always know: We got more Fortnite content on EarlyGame.

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