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What is this, a speaker?

Bruh... DJ Khaled Really Thought the Xbox Series S Is a Speaker

DJ Khaled Confuses Xbox Series S with speaker
DJ Khaled confused the Xbox Series S with a speaker. Uhm, yea... fair enough. | © DJ Khaled, Microsoft

So DJ Khaled got sent a swag bag from Space Jam 2, or rather from the studio behind it. In said bag were some sneakers, random stuff and an Xbox Series S. Not that Khaled would know it...

Deadass. DJ Khaled thought the Xbox Series S is a speaker. Yup. Should we be making a whole article about this? No. Am I about to ramble on like a mofo? You bet your ass, I am. First things first, though, here's the clip:


The casualness of it all. He doesn't even care. He's already moving on to the next thing. If it wasn't for Twitter noticing and stupid websites (hello) writing about this, he might not ever have noticed that there's an Xbox Series S in there. Khaled deadass might've tried to connect to it via Bluetooth. He might've never even taken it out of that swag bag. Dude cared more about the sneakers than the speaker. I can't be the only wondering if the brother has a PS5 somewhere, routing his internet.

For Microsoft this just screams: Speaker collab. Come on, you got DJ Khaled thinking your system is a speaker. The video is going viral, everybody's seeing it – if this is not the opportunity to launch a Bluetooth speaker that looks like an Xbox Series S, then I don't know what is. Phil Spencer, or whoever handles these things at Microsoft... get it done.

Bless you Khaled. Made us laugh again. 

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