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David Dobrik: The Full Story – Entertainment or Sexual Assault?

David Dobrik scandal drama
David Dobrik is causing drama. (Credit: David Dobrik)

If you are paying attention to what's happening online, you've probably heard of David Dobrik, and the various scandals surrounding him at the moment. He and his "vlog squad" were causing a lot of harm, so it's time to voice our opinion on the situation.

Usually I don't want to be the person that says "I told you so". That's why David Dobrik has only been a brief topic on this site so far. But for many months now, it was clear that David was going to get cancelled over at least one of the shady things he has done.

Why was that clear, you may ask? Well, David has been one of YouTube's powerhouses over the last few years, and earned himself and the platform millions of dollars. However, many of his videos profit off the misery of other people. Some people have spoken out about him in the past, but only now are we finding out the true scope of this situation.

David Dobrik Is Everything That Is Wrong With YouTube Right Now

david dobrik scandal drama
Not cool, David. (Credit: David Dobrik)

David Dobrik's main channel has over 18 million subscribers right now. His main source of content have been collaborations with his "vlog squad", a group of people that seem like your typical high-school-bullies-gone-famous, and various prank videos. Even though his videos at least seemed to have a high production value, the content itself was lazy and trashy from the start.

His top performing videos on the main channel mostly have to do with women, especially popular and attractive ones. Dobrik keeps baiting his viewers with provocative content, which is quite normal on YouTube. Yet, far too often when David Dobrik is doing content, people get hurt or mocked over it.

David Dobrik Enables Sexual Abuse on YouTube

David Dobrik scandal drama
Imagine having to kiss the guy on the left. Gross. (Credit: David Dobrik)

The story that started the whole David scandal was about his former friend and colleague, who took part in a prank video. He was told that he would kiss a pretty girl while she was wearing a mask. What he didn't know, was that it was actually Jason Nash, an almost 50-year-old dude, who he was actually kissing. Jason went all in, and David's friend left the whole incident traumatized, only later realizing that he was basically assaulted.

If you don't get it, just imagine if it was a girl we were talking about. Yeah, doesn't feel right now, does it? Oh, and by the way, David tried to convince the same friend to do the prank again. Seriously, dude?

Sadly, it doesn't end here. David and his squad normalized making sexist, homophobic, and even racist jokes online. Without taking any responsibility for it. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that his group got involved in some severe stuff over the last years.

Durte Dom Rape Allegations

The story that brought even more attention to David Dobrik's behaviour was the rape allegation against vlog squad member Durte Dom. Reportedly, David and his friends invited some girls over to his house in order to film a video. 

Hannah was one of them, and Dom took a liking to her. Hannah refused to start anything sexual with him, but as the evening went on, she became more intoxicated to the point where she couldn't even move anymore.

Dom took her to a room and, allegedly, sexually assaulted her that same night, only to brag about "having a threesome with two hot girls" the next day. The only thing David had to say on a podcast was that he "had to see for himself if it was true," and seemed happy for his friend. 

Well, Hannah must have felt great when she heard this (irony)! She claims that she has no memory of that night, but that her friends told her the next morning that she apparently had sex with Dom. Except... sex without consent is called rape!

His First Apology Was A Joke

David Dobrik usually deals with scandals the same way I deal with dirty laundry. Don't mention it, and wait until it goes away on its own. This time, that wasn't possible. His first apology video went up on his third channel, which only has about one million subscribers. 

Likes, dislikes, and comments were disabled, even though the title said "Let's talk". Yeah David, you can talk to a wall like that, but not to your viewers, who want answers!

See for yourself, but this has to be one of the lamest apologies in the history of YouTube. He didn't even dare to address specific accusations, he just went with whatever he had rehearsed an hour before recording, and that's it. This video was a joke and you know it, David!

His Second Apology Seems Fake

After losing several of his sponsors and partners, David suddenly realized that he wanted to talk a bit more about the whole topic. What a surprise! As soon as something hurts your wallet, it suddenly becomes relevant to you.

David talks a lot about consent in his video, but I highly doubt that he knows what this word even means. For consent to count, the consenting party has to be in a sound state of mind – that means, they have to know what they are consenting to, and they cannot be blackout drunk. Hannah didn't remember what happened the night before, so of course she allowed David to upload the video! That doesn't make it okay, though. 

If you're bringing girls onto your set while an absolute piece of trash like Dom is there, you have to at least watch out for them! Which he didn't do. We don't know why he didn't, but it certainly seems that money calls stronger than morals in this sordid tale.

And that's all I will say on David Dobrik for now, what you do with this information is your choice.


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