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The never-ending stream

Crazy Record: BastiGHG Streams Every Day for 5 Years!

The V in his name is for vacation... (Credit: BastiGHG on Twitter)

HBastiGHG – never heard of him, right? Then listen up, because this dude is an absolute workaholic and a phenomenon on Twitch. And now he broke a serious record.

Honestly, before this story, I had no clue either who BastiGHG was. I know my fair share of streamers, sure. But so far, not this guy. However, if you're looking for stories about hard work and endurance in this industry, he is your man. Sadly, most people don't even know his face since his camera is often focused on his hands. Bummer!

Holy sh*t! 6.7 hours of work, 7 days a week for 5 years. If that isn't dedication! I mean, it's nice to love your job, but not a single day off? Or sick day? Vacation? Nothing?! What a crazy lifestyle.

BastiGHG started streaming in 2012 on Twitch, but started streaming daily in January 2016. And what game would suit this never-ending project better than Minecraft? Of his almost 10,000 hours of air time, Basti spent 6,000 of them building bricks and killing creepers. Apart from that, he plays FIFA, Rocket League, or smaller titles like the Euro Truck Simulator.

So far, he has over 650,000 followers on Twitch. Well deserved, we might say. That's not enough to stand a chance against other channels, but when it comes to watch time... let's say it's not easy to beat those 10k if you don't commit to it. Sure, other streamers might do 24-hour streams once in a while, but take a rest after that. This guy? Not even on the weekend. Props to that.

Have you ever heard of BastiGHG? Do you think he should take some time off or do another 5 years? If your life also revolves around games 7 days a week, let us know on our Discord channel!


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