Texas Thighs: Courtney Ann's OnlyFans Leak – Is It Worth It?

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Courtney Ann, aka Texas Thighs, has an OnlyFans account that just got leaked. Is it worth it? We explore.
Texas Thighs Courtney Ann OnlyFans Worth It
Should you pay for this Texas goodness? | © Texas Thighs - Courtney Ann, Instagram

So Courtney Ann's OnlyFans leaked: Texas Thighs. Is the name really the game, and is her OnlyFans worth it? We have the answers.

Who Is Courtney Ann, aka Texas Thighs?

Well, according to her Instagram, Courtney Ann is a wife, a mom, and a model. Before all that, Courtney Ann was a cleaning lady. Now? She's raking in over $300k a year on OnlyFans. Don't believe me? Read the full story here.

Is Courtney Ann's Texas Thighs OnlyFans Worth It?

Well, at $300k a year, it certainly is worth it for Courtney. However, starting her OnlyFans did come at the cost of creating a rift between her and her family: Her mother is no longer talking to Courtney, who had a very strict upbringing.

On the positive side, her OnlyFans has turned into a real family activity: Her husband quit his job to help with management and photography, while Courtney claims to now have much more time to spend the day with her 13 and 16-year-old daughters. Plus, the cash allows the family to go on more vacations than ever before, so if you want to help the Ann family maintain their bliss, then, yes, her OnlyFans is worth it. For $10 a month, you are subscribed to an account that boasts 3000 pictures and 400 videos. If you want to see porn, though, then you'll be disappointed: These Texas Thighs ain't doing that.