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Corpse Husband Twitter Clip Takes The Internet's Breath Away

corpse husband fan art know your meme
Corpse Husband keeps posting weird stuff to his Twitter account (Credit: Know Your Meme)

It's not the first time that Corpse Husband kept his fans busy with a weird post, and certainly not the last. Remember the time when he posted a picture of his hand and people went nuts over it? Yes, it happened again. But this time, it was even easier than that.

If you're reading this and asking yourself: Who even is this Corpse Husband? Then you should definitely read our article on him. For everyone else, welcome to another chapter of strange happenings around all our favorite streamers. Today's candidate is Corpse! He is pretty much known for wrapping everybody around his finger with his mysterious, broody personality.

After posting a small clip to his Twitter where Corpse can only be heard breathing into his mic for a few seconds, everything went down fast. As of this writing, his tweet has gotten almost 3 million views and more than 300,000 likes. Some of his fans supposedly fainted after viewing the tweet. Well okay, that might be a bit exaggerated. But not as unlikely in this case, since people are absolutely in love with his deep voice.

The reactions range from excited over completely confused to downright disturbing. We won't get into detail about what might happened behind closed doors with some of his fans and the clip, but you get the idea. One user even wrote that people should get the wavelength of his breathing as a tattoo:

This might be a bit too much, but at least it's a compliment that comes from the heart. Whether Corpse would be happy to hear about this is another question. He is known for being rather shy and intimidated by fan interactions, especially with his anxiety and chronic health problems that keep him struggling. But maybe this type of content is exactly what you need to stay relevant as a YouTuber, streamer, or even musician.

It feels kind of personal to listen to someone's breathing, as weird as it might sound like. The idea was not his own but came from one of his Among Us streams. Fans were so intrigued when he was not saying anything and just breathing that they practically begged him to post the clip to Twitter. And so, he did! Of course, none of this happened while completely sober...

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