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No need for a face with a voice like that

Corpse Husband: The Voice of 2020

Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband's looks remain a mystery. (Credit: Corpse Husband via Twitter)

His voice sends shivers down some people's spines. Others just can't get enough of it. Corpse Husband has become a real internet phenomenon, whether it's his creepypasta stories, gaming videos or his own songs. Yet no one knows what his real name is or what he looks like! It is precisely this mystery that makes him all the more interesting.

Corpse Husband is one of the streamers who has profited immensely from the Among Us hype. At the beginning of 2020 hardly anyone knew him and his content consisted mainly of scary stories that he read out on his channel. But as the year went on, he made more and more of a name for himself. Among other things, by playing together with bigger YouTubers like Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye and Valkyrae.

Corpse Husband YouTube Among Us
Corpse Husband's popularity grew rapidly in late 2020. (Credit: Corpse Husband via YouTube)

Corpse Husband Breaks Through with Among Us

Nowadays, Corpse Husband is best known for his Among Us plays and his deep voice. Anyone who plays with him for the first time is shocked by this at first. People often ask him if he uses any kind of program for this, but he says he does not. It's his politeness that wins the fans over though, not just his voice. The only one that gets mistreated is Lily.

This is why the "simp for corpse" meme quickly came into being. People join forces to protect him from the Impostor or defend him when he himself is the murderer. It has also happened that one or the other would rather have died than betray him. A modern-day cult of personality!

Corpse Husband Fan Art
A cult is developing around Corpse Husband. (Credit: lumija-art auf DeviantArt)

Corpse Husband and E-Girls

His teammates aren't the only ones who like to simp for Corpse Husband. Everyone seems to be convinced of the Corpse's attractiveness despite him never showing his face. The only things ever seen, or heard, of the man is his voice and his hands. Yet, that's enough for the fangirls. Pretty crazy, isn't it?

Corpse Husband seems to take it all with a grain of humor. His hobby besides YouTube - making music, led to a track called "E-Girls are ruining my life", which ironically became his biggest hit so far.

Illness and Fears

Those who listen to Corpse Husband's music for the first time will quickly notice that his lyrics are really dark. There is a reason for that: he suffers from many illnesses, which he talks about on occasion in his videos. These include chronic pain and paralysis, sleep disorders, eye problems and a bad stomach disease. The latter is probably also to blame for his typical voice pitch. Only goes to show that one man's pain is another woman's fetish.

Pretty sure this saying went a bit different, but we're moving on.

On top of the physical problems, Corpse Husband suffers from severe anxiety. That's probably what's keeping him from showing his face on the internet. All the while the man is approaching 7 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel. Pressure is mounting.

Many are demanding a face reveal, but friendly streamers advise against it and want his privacy to be respected.

What's next for Corpse Husband?

The hype around Corpse Husband doesn't seem to be getting any less. Just recently, a three-second clip on Twitter in which he simply breathes broke the internet. Need we say more? Corpse does his best to provide his loyal fans with new content on a regular basis, but has faced growing health concerns in recent times.

He mentioned that leaving YouTube might be something he'd be forced to do in the future, but shared hopes that it won't be the near future. We hope so too!

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